• Why dream of plates?

    Olga Kravchenko
    Olga Kravchenko
    February 24, 2015
    Why dream of plates?

    Dreams do not come just like that. Always they are either an echo of our experiences or harbingers of future events. Let's find out why dream plates.

    By themselves, the plates represent wealth, comfort and prosperity. But a complete interpretation of such a dream depends on what you saw in a dream.

    The plates, dreamed of the girl, promise her to be exemplary wife and a good hostess. They promise a hard-working and economic husband to the woman.

    What dreams of clean and dirty plates?

    To dream of clean plates, especially stacked, is to pleasant unexpected news, while dirty dishes foreshadow alarming news. Washing the plates in a dream - it is beneficial for the dreamer to express himself in front of an important person.

    A wonderful sign is to wipe a cleanly washed plate in a dream. This is a precursor of family happiness and prosperity.

    What dreams of plates empty and full?

    An empty plate symbolizes material poverty or an acute need for something. Perhaps you do not have enough new experiences or self-realization.

    To dream of a plate full of tasty and beautiful food - to prosperity, comfort, well-being, wish fulfillment.

    To buy beautiful new plates - to good changes and pleasant spending. And an unmarried woman foretells such a dream to get married successfully. Buy a cracked plate - to minor disappointments. Accidentally break up plates in a dream - to family troubles, quarrels, stormy and not very happy family life. If in a dream you beat the plates at some celebration, especially at a wedding, such a dream expresses your desire to be happy.

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