• Why dream shirt?

    Yuri Belousikov
    Yuri Belousikov
    March 13, 2013
    Why dream shirt?

    In the article devoted to dreams, I will tell you what the shirt dreams about. Moreover, we will talk about a variety of shirts: women's, men's, regular shirts, night shirts, etc. Also talk about actions with shirts. The article was prepared on the basis of several dream books, including not very well-known ones. For convenience of presentation, all the material is divided into chapters - so you can easily find information relating specifically to your sleep.

    What dreams of a nightdress

    If you see yourself in a dream in a nightgown, this may indicate various ailments or illnesses, but as a rule it is light, and if there is another person in a nightdress in a dream, then you may expect some not very pleasant news or stagnation. in business. If you dreamed of a nightmare, most likely you will receive a profit in the near future, perhaps a considerable one.

    What is a man's shirt dreaming of

    Some kind of long-awaited message or letter, but if a man puts a shirt on in a dream, it could mean betraying his beloved and even breaking up with her.If a girl sews a shirt for her boyfriend, a long life awaits him, but if a girl or woman puts on a shirt of some man or boy, then she wants to have a relationship with him. For a married woman or one who has a relationship, they will strengthen and life will change for the better.

    Clean and dirty shirts

    A dirty shirt can talk about a woman’s infidelity or a venereal disease. In addition, if you see a dirty shirt on yourself, it can mean trouble that will make you stronger. Clean shirt dreams to health. But a torn shirt often means that a foe has wound up in your environment, which promises various troubles. Also, a torn shirt often means an undeserved grievance on your part towards a friend or relative. Why dream of a white shirt? Wear a white shirt in a dream - expect joyful and pleasant news. And if the shirt is colored, it can mean trouble associated with children - either they will tell you something that is not very good, or they will do something.

    Actions with shirts

    If you wash your shirt in a dream, it may mean illness, or, oddly enough, the acquisition of a new reliable friend. Loss of a shirt can mean trouble in your personal life or professional activity.Trying a shirt says about the tests that are expected of a person in the near future, and how he will pass these tests will depend only on himself. To choose a shirt in a dream means to face a difficult choice in real life. To put a shirt inside out in a dream - expect a trick, if you notice it in time, problems can be avoided. It also happens that in a dream a button comes off a shirt - in this case, you can expect a break with a close friend, the cause of which will be objective circumstances. A lot of shirts means a lot of good deeds that a person will do. Missing shirt can mean quarrels and insults.

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