• Why is feces black?

    Feces are the final waste product of the body's vital activity, which is excreted through the rectum. Each person has an individual color of fecal masses, it depends, first of all, on the products that it consumes.When feces change their color, it may be evidence of excessive consumption of any product that has a coloring effect, or the presence of a disease of the gastrointestinal tract.

    Asking why the feces are black, you should consider in detail all possible options for its formation.

    The use of products that provoke the darkening of the feces

    There are a number of products, due to the use of which the color and substance of feces may change:

    • red beet, mostly in boiled form;
    • prunes, more than 300 g per day;
    • blueberries;
    • black currant;
    • Garnet;
    • offal.

    Coloring does not bear any other inconvenience and does not affect the overall health of a person. This symptom disappears within two days and may occur when excessive use of the above products.If after the specified period the result is the same, it is necessary to seek qualified assistance.


    If you use medications that contain iron, you will also encounter this situation. For example, feces turn black after taking activated charcoal. This is due to oxidative processes. Before you use a particular drug, you should carefully study the instructions, especially the section "Side effects". Usually, the doctor, prescribing a particular drug, warns about the possibility of such consequences.


    If, after emptying, there is a change in the color of feces, while drug products and specific products were not used, this may indicate serious problems in the body.

    Why is the feces black, if there are no prerequisites for its appearance? The answer is simple: staining causes the presence of blood in the gastrointestinal tract, namely in its upper sections.

    Black feces may indicate the occurrence of such dangerous diseases as:

    • open bleeding stomach ulcer or duodenal ulcer;
    • tumors and neoplasms in the stomach, which are able to provoke minor bleeding;
    • varicose veins of the stomach and esophagus;
    • esophageal cancer, accompanied by bleeding in its upper sections.

    This kind of staining is formed as a result of blood entering the stomach, where under the action of acids and alkalis, red hemoglobin bodies are converted into more dense black compounds, hemines.

    When a symptom such as darkening of the feces appears, it is necessary to urgently go to the hospital, as this may indicate the formation of internal bleeding, which must be urgently eliminated, because it carries a mortal danger to humans. Also, internal bleeding is accompanied by a decrease in pressure, loss of consciousness and vomiting with blood.

    To establish the true cause of blackness in feces will only help the doctor, who as a result of laboratory research will make an accurate diagnosis. Therefore, in order to avoid situations that carry a clear threat to life, it is necessary to pay attention to the color and condition of feces, as well as to correlate the result with the food consumed.

    You can face not only the problem of black feces, but also with the appearance of blood.

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