• Why does the cop fly out?

    Elena Melnichenko
    Elena Melnichenko
    March 17, 2015
    Why does the cop fly out?

    Like any other game, Counter-Stike (in the people - the COP) is subject to all sorts of failures. If the application does not start or a so-called “throwing out” of the game occurs, gamers are wondering why the CS will crash and what to do about it.

    Let's talk about the various causes that are associated with this problem.

    PC incompatibility and games

    The most common reason why a game can crash is the incompatibility of the capabilities of a personal computer with the requirements of the game. Before installing the game on a PC, you should verify this data, and the computer indicators should be higher than necessary to start the game. If the indicators are normal, then you can try running the compatibility program. To do this, click on .exe in the game folder with the right button and select the “Compatibility” tab. Next, put a tick "Run the program in the system compatibility with" and select the system that is installed on your PC. Next, click "OK".

    "Weak" video card

    In addition, if your video card is “weak”, then this can also interfere with the normal course of the game.If you have a suitable video card, you can synchronize it with the CS application. To do this, go to “Start” - “Control Panel” - “Video Card Control Panel (must be the name of your video card)”. Next, select “Adjusting image settings with viewing” - “Image settings” - “Image parameters accordingly” and select auto-tuning. Thus, the system itself will select the settings.

    Antivirus and fireball

    You can also try to disable antivirus and fireball. Sometimes these applications block the launch of games or their normal operation, including CS.

    PC load

    If at the moment of launching the game you have a large number of programs and applications open, then CS may simply not load. In this case, close the programs and try to start the application again. You can also open the Task Manager and check if the application explorer.exe is open two times, one of which should be completed.


    If you have installed mods for updates, this may also be the reason for the inoperability of the game. Try deleting them and running the game again.

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