• Why is man an animal?

    Alexander Duz
    Alexander Duz
    January 14, 2013
    Why is man an animal?

    Despite the fact that man is the only species with such a mind, he belongs to the animal world. It is not a secret for anybody that man came out of nature and remained a part of it, no matter how we tried to prove the opposite. Despite all the evolutionary aspects, our body continues to obey and develop according to the laws of nature, whether we like it or not.

    Like other representatives of the animal world, a person is born, modified during his biological existence, and then dies. For normal life it needs energy, which enters the body with food, as well as water and oxygen. All other animals also need this.

    Continuing the conversation about why a person is an animal, it is impossible not to say about the reproduction process and gender differences similar to the animal world. Like other species, we strive to create our own kind, that is, to continue our own kind. This process is impossible without the participation of the female and male. The transfer of hereditary traits in us and in animals occurs according to similar genetic principles.

    By and large, the superiority of man over animals is due only to the presence of our cerebral cortex, consisting of billions of neurons. Thanks to a developed brain, we are able to think, reason, analyze what is happening, work ... All this is unusual for other representatives of the animal world. This was the key to our development and survival, as a species.

    Human and society

    It is no secret to anyone that the human body is, in a biological sense, just an "animal shell." Only being in a society “a person is able to become a man” in the full sense of this word. That is, if a child does not grow up in an environment of his own kind, he will not become a person: he will not learn to speak, he will not be able to fully think. Congenital reflexes in such an individual will be comparable to ours, but acquired ones will not.

    As an example, the famous story about Mowgli. Despite the fact that this is fiction, the real story offers many examples when children were brought up outside of human society.This significantly affected their behavior and lifestyle. To call such people "man" was possible only from a biological point of view. As for the other animals, among them are also a lot of "social" species. However, life outside the society of its own kind, in animals, is not so detrimental to the psychological state and lifestyle as in humans.

    Thus, we can conclude that biologically we are animals, and from a social point of view, something else.

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