• Why is USB not working?

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    Why is USB not working?

    Over the past 10 years, computers have appeared in almost every home. They are very easy to use, and various peripherals work with them without the slightest problem. Now the most popular interface for connecting external drives, printers, cameras and other equipment is the USB port. It allows you to exchange data between devices at a high speed, and also to charge various portable equipment, such as smartphones or tablets.

    But there are times when the computer does not respond to devices connected via USB. The reasons for this can be a lot: from damage to the connecting wires or tracks to problems with software. First of all, it�s worth checking the operability of the connected device, perhaps it�s a printer or a USB flash drive that doesn�t work, and not a USB port.

    Why is the USB port not working and how to fix it?

    It is worth noting that you perform any actions with your computer at your own peril and risk. Unqualified interference with equipment or softwaresecuring can damage your device.

    Causes of problems with USB and ways to solve them:

    1. Physical malfunction of the socket due to its damage. If the USB-port is broken, which is located on the motherboard of a laptop or desktop PC, it must be removed and replaced with a new one. If the port is located on the front panel of the PC, then it can be changed to a workpiece from another computer.
    2. Garbage in the nest or dirty contacts. In this case, you should clean the nest from foreign objects using a thin wooden toothpick or a match, in addition, you must wipe it with a cotton swab soaked in ethyl alcohol (only when the PC is off!).
    3. Short circuit due to use of non-standard connector. When connecting flash drives with a metal case, a short circuit on the port may occur, as a result of which the computer will restart or burn components on the motherboard. If you have used similar devices, remove it and restart the computer. In the event that the USB does not work any further, take the motherboard for repair.
    4. Software crash.To eliminate it, open the �Start� menu, go to the �Control Panel� section, find the �Administration� item, go to �Computer Management� and open the �Device Manager� section. Here click on the button with the monitor and lens on the top panel, wait for the search and add drivers for USB.

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