• Why are labia lips scratched?

    There may be several reasons, let's consider each of them and describe how we can try to fix it. In the first group of reasons why labia lips itch, everything related to mechanical external influence on the labia can be attributed. This is too narrow and tight underwear, it rubs while walking, there is an unpleasant itch. Need to change clothes.

    May be the material from which the underwear is made is synthetic, or simply substandard, with hard threads. It can also cause severe irritation, rubbing and tingling. It is also necessary to get rid of such linen. One of the reasons for this category may be poor-quality gaskets, with synthetic mesh, for example. To get rid of itching, you need to change the brand or type of gaskets.

    The reasons why the labia lips itch, you need to include all types of depilation. The cause of itching can be damage caused to the delicate skin of the labia while shaving, poor quality machines, the wrong way to shave.If you shave the hairs against the direction of their growth, then starting to grow, after a couple of days, they will surely cause itching and unpleasant irritation. Shave only for hair growth! Plucking is a more painful type of depilation, but cleaner, in terms of the consequences - possible itching and irritation. The hairs are not shaved at the root, but pulled out along with the bulbs. Until new ones are formed and begin to grow, there will be no irritation.

    Other types of depilation can also be the reason why the labia lips itch. In these cases, you should pay attention to the possible individual intolerance of some creams for depilation and wax. Change the depilation tool or its method and if the cause of the irritation was caused by this - the itch will disappear in a couple of days.

    The second group of reasons for which the labia are itching is much more serious. These are all kinds of causes related to infections and diseases. Let's analyze the main ones:

    • One of the serious diseases, non-infectious type, a characteristic feature of which is a strong itching in the region of the labia - is diabetes.You must contact the therapist and donate blood for sugar. The remaining actions are taken only in consultation with the doctor, diabetes mellitus is a very serious disease. This group includes allergies, which can be accompanied by rashes and severe itching in the area, including the genitals.
    • There are special, “itching” diseases, such as urticaria or even a scabies mite, commonly referred to as the legendary “scabies”. Labia in such a situation itchy - Mama Do not Cry. Elimination of these causes, like any disease - only under the supervision of a physician!
    • Further in this group of causes, we consider infectious diseases, as well as those associated with sexually transmitted diseases. First of all, genital herpes or an infection such as candidiasis (maybe more commonly known as thrush) can cause itching and are not necessarily sexually transmitted and can be caused simply by weakening the body from antibiotics, for example. But they need to be treated only with specialists, dermatologists and venereologists.

    This is why it happens that labia are scratching. What to do? No need to panic! Carefully study the first group of reasons, if after some time after their elimination the itch persists - you need to gain resolve and consult a doctor.Do not self-medicate, it can only worsen the situation! Do not hesitate and do not be afraid of doctors, if you keep silent any disease, it can have the most serious consequences for your body. In general, watch out for yourself and be healthy!

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