• Why low temperature?

    If low body temperature is not an individual feature of a particular person's organism, then this is already a cause for concern. Especially in those cases when low temperature is kept for a long time. Of course, not only diseases, but also fatigue or overwork can cause a decrease in temperature. And yet this is a clear sign of "problems" in your body, which can be dangerous to health and life. Why low temperature can be dangerous? What causes a drop in body temperature? Let's see.

    "Mechanisms" of lowering the temperature

    Thermal control in the human body is of three types: chemical, physical and behavioral. Violation of each type is caused by various reasons.

    • Chemical thermoregulation provides heat generation when exposed to low ambient temperatures. It can be impaired by a decrease in immunity, intoxication of the body, pregnancy, overwork, anemia, anesthesia, and certain diseases.
    • Physical thermoregulation ensures the preservation of heat in the human body due to sweating, contraction and expansion of blood vessels. Any process causing excessive sweating or prolonged and excessive expansion of blood vessels can break it.
    • Behavioral thermoregulation is provided due to the effect of the external temperature on the human body, the body avoids exposure to adverse temperatures for humans. The behavioral thermoregulation factors that alter the human response to the ambient temperature violate. For example, the effects of alcohol or drugs, mental illness.

    Causes of low temperature

    Chronic diseases. In chronic diseases, a decrease in body temperature may indicate the beginning of their exacerbation. These diseases include:

    • hypothyroidism;
    • adrenal lesions;
    • anemia;
    • hypotension.

    Acute diseases occurring at low body temperature, indicate a weak immunity. These include, for example, viral infections. Low temperature may be a consequence of the recovery of the body after an illness,and the result of exposure to improperly chosen drugs.

    Pregnancy per se is not the cause of low temperature. Lower temperatures cause toxicosis and internal bleeding. Therefore, if nausea, vomiting, dizziness, which are accompanied by low temperature, you should immediately seek medical help.

    When overworked, lowering the temperature is a sign of the general weakness of the body. If this “sign” is not paid attention in time, overwork can smoothly develop into physical or nervous exhaustion. Vitamin C deficiency and anorexia can also cause low body temperature.

    Physical hypothermia, which occurs with a long stay in cold water or in the cold, also causes a decrease in body temperature. Violation of behavioral thermoregulation due to alcohol or narcotic intoxication or mental disorders is another reason for low temperature. Untreated behavioral thermoregulation also causes a decrease in body temperature in young children.

    AIDS and oncological diseases are very often accompanied by low body temperature due to general intoxication of the body.

    Signs of low temperature

    If you are overwhelmed with weakness and drowsiness, you experience irritability and general malaise, you feel the inhibition of your thinking processes, then you must measure your body temperature.

    Lowering the temperature to 35.5 is not a cause for panic. But if the temperature does not reach this mark on the thermometer, then you should consult a doctor. After all, the cause of low temperature can be serious diseases or pathological processes in the body.

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