• Why is magnesium needed by the body and how to take it properly?

    People often complain to doctors about the symptoms of magnesium deficiency, not even suspecting that the source of the problems lies precisely in the lack of this element in the body. We will understand in more detail what the mineral is for, how to take magnesium correctly, and what drugs the Moscow pharmacies will offer you to fill the deficit.

    The importance of magnesium for the body

    It is not a secret for anyone that it is one of the most important minerals necessary for normal functioning of the cardiovascular system of a person and the whole organism. It has a beneficial effect on both the physical and psychological health of each.

    Most people with heart complaints lack magnesium, timely replenishment of which can lead to recovery of heart rhythms, improvement of pressure, blood flow, cell enrichment with oxygen, reduction of angina attacks, reduction in the likelihood of thrombosis, pain in the heart, heart disease, etc.

    Magnesium helps the body metabolize sugar, which makes this mineral vital for patients with diabetes or insulin resistance.

    Suffering from hypertension should also not forget about the role of magnesium in the normalization of blood pressure. This also applies to future mothers who are prescribed to take magnesium to prevent serious hypertensive complications, especially in the late stages of pregnancy.

    By contributing to the relaxation of the muscles of the bronchi, this element helps to improve breathing in bronchitis and other pulmonary diseases, and intravenous administration of a magnesium-containing drug can completely stop an asthma attack.

    Filling up the magnesium deficiency allows you to fight migraines, depression, irritability, chronic fatigue syndrome, stress, poor sleep, muscle and joint pain, vegetative dystonia, muscle spasms, cramps and other ailments, and also reduces the risk of stroke.

    Mineral balances the intake of calcium in the body and prevents its removal, so taking magnesium is also necessary for the treatment and prevention of osteoparosis.

    You can talk about important for the whole body properties of magnesium for a very long time: it helps with bacterial and viral infections, chemical hypersensitivity, kidney disease, constipation or diarrhea, nausea, abdominal pain due to impaired motility of the gastrointestinal tract and others. in the body and aging of the skin due to problems of exchange of collagen.

    The need for it increases significantly during exercise, abuse of alcohol and drugs, emotional stress, during pregnancy and lactation, while eating certain foods (for example, drinking coffee) and during treatment with medical preparations. Therefore, it is important to take magnesium to compensate for its deficiency.

    How to compensate for magnesium deficiency?

    MagnesiumIn the modern world, the majority of the population suffers from magnesium deficiency: men and women, athletes, pregnant women, the elderly, and others. Many of them are not even aware of this. Prolonged magnesium deficiency in the body leads to a number of complications and requires appropriate treatment.

    How to avoid it? In time to fill the shortage of this important element! Let us dwell on this in more detail.

    First, adjust your diet to include foods with a high magnesium content, namely:

    • any nuts (especially almonds and brazil nuts),
    • whole grains and legumes,
    • sunflower seeds and pumpkin,
    • vegetables and fresh leafy greens, mostly dark in color (spinach, kale, etc.),
    • sea ​​fish (especially tuna fish), sea kale,
    • chocolate and cocoa powder,
    • fresh juices,
    • bananas and other fruits,
    • unrefined cereals,
    • mineral water,
    • soy products (like tofu),
    • some spices (for example, coriander, cumin), etc.

    Alcohol, coffee, nicotine should be excluded from the diet! Also, salted food (chips, dried squid and other “goodies”, sausages, frankfurters, herring, crackers, etc.), carbonated drinks, flavor enhancers, preservatives, also contributes to its removal from the body.

    Unfortunately, the earth today is poor in macro-and micronutrients, in connection with which food can often not give us the necessary supply of magnesium.Here, biologically active supplements and medications containing this important element come to the rescue, which can be freely purchased at pharmacies in Moscow after consulting a doctor.

    The required amount of magnesium intake depends on age, gender and other factors. In general, the male norm is not more than 420 mg per day, and the female one is not more than 320 mg. Your doctor will help you establish the daily rate and tell you how to take magnesium in each case.

    How to help the body absorb magnesium?

    MagnesiumIn addition, there is a whole scheme of how to take magnesium correctly, which contributes to its better absorption in the body and prevents excessive excretion.

    So, it is no coincidence that the magnesium-containing drug Magne-B6, which is one of the most popular today in Moscow pharmacies, contains vitamin B6.

    Vitamin B6, or pyridoxine, improves the absorption of magnesium in the intestine, and also transports its atoms inside the cell. In this regard, the exchange of magnesium and vitamin B6 are inextricably linked. In addition, the preparation contains magnesium pidolate, which is absorbed by the nervous tissue as much as possible from the currently known organic salts of this element, relieves seizures, and fights depression.

    Keep track of the mineral balance in the body.It is recommended to avoid the use of mineral supplements while taking drugs with magnesium.

    It is known that it is absorbed worse with an excess or lack of calcium in the body. When replenishing magnesium deficiency, try not to consume excessive amounts of calcium. At the same time, you should not abandon the use of calcium completely, because it also leads to a deterioration in the absorption of magnesium. It is best to take these drugs separately, for example, some in the morning, others in the evening.

    Remember also that it is recommended to take magnesium throughout the day: instead of taking the daily dose at a time, it is better to add it in small quantities in food or water throughout the day. So the body will be much easier to recycle.

    It is believed that taking magnesium is best before meals. Some minerals that make up food can affect the body’s ability to absorb magnesium. Sometimes it can cause an upset stomach. Taking magnesium on an empty stomach can cause diarrhea.

    Sustained release preparations can also positively affect the absorption of magnesium salts.

    In addition, vitamin D helps the body absorb magnesium,therefore, its consumption should be increased with foodstuffs, such as cheese, tuna, eggs and durum crops, or in a vitamin complex. You can also increase vitamin D levels if you spend more time in the sun.

    So, summing up, we emphasize that magnesium is extremely important for the human body. If its deficit persists for a long time (months, or even years), long-term metabolic disorders develop. This is very serious, since they are no longer associated with magnesium deficiency and, accordingly, magnesium is not treated.

    In different degrees and for different periods of time, all of the above states can be corrected if you take magnesium preventively, which, among other things, helps many people feel more energetic, helps to improve skin condition and even has a beneficial effect on the thyroid gland.

    A detailed “scheme” in our article on how to take magnesium will help everyone who cares about their health and to buy magnesium-containing drugs in Moscow pharmacies (you should consult with your doctor before use).

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