• Why do ovaries hurt?

    The modern woman is so eager to be the center of attention that she often dresses out of season. And the ovaries are the most vulnerable part of the female body and, as the body cools, suffer first. Careless attitude to their health leads to the search for answers to the question - why ovaries hurt. Especially this question torments the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity under the age of 25 years. Only the first thing in case of pain is to seek help from a specialist, and not to look for ways to eliminate them. Improper treatment or delayed, can lead to the emergence of a chronic form of the disease, namely adnexitis. The insidiousness of adnexitis is that the disease can lead to infertility.

    Why does the right ovary and the left hurt

    Pain in the right side of the lower abdomen indicates the inflammatory process of the right ovary - oophoritis. Localization mainly occurs in the lower abdomen, a common occurrence in the inflammatory process of the ovary is pain in the lumbar region.You can also safely answer another question: why does the left ovary hurt? The ovary is a steam gland in which hormones and eggs are produced, therefore, what diseases are characteristic of the right ovary, such can be the cause of pain in the left.

    Inflammation of the appendages (adnexitis) is caused by such pathogens as chlamydia, candida, ureplazma, mycoplasma. This happens against the background of hypothermia, stress and reduced immunity. Inflammation is accompanied by general malaise, decreased performance, weakening of body functions, irritability.

    Along with the inflammatory process - acute or chronic adnexitis, pain in the right, left or immediately in both ovaries can be triggered by an ovarian tumor, adhesions, cysts. The formation and growth of cysts on the ovary is asymptomatic, and only upon reaching a certain size, the education makes itself felt, painful sensations in the lower abdomen.

    There is also pain in the ovaries during menstruation and hormone therapy.

    Why ovaries hurt during pregnancy

    It happens that even during pregnancy, pain occurs in the left or in the right side of the lower abdomen.Just do not panic right away. To a greater extent, pain in this area is associated with the restructuring of the female body at the time of gestation. With the growth and development of the fetus, the uterus grows in size and rises, together with it the ovaries change their original location. Therefore, during pregnancy, unpleasant tingling or panging pains in the lower abdomen can mean pain not in the ovaries, but in the ligaments that the ovaries and uterus themselves support. In most cases, the pain passes after a change in body position.

    If the pregnancy occurred on the background of inflammatory processes, then problems cannot be avoided. Such a pregnancy can result in interruption or a number of complications. Therefore, pregnancy should be planned and pre-tested. But the development of inflammation of the ovaries during pregnancy is practically excluded, because, as in this period, ovarian function is disabled.

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