• Why should a man eat?

    From time to time, anyone feels hungry and hurries to satisfy him more quickly. Some in this connection have quite reasonable questions: Why does hunger appear? Can't a person not eat, eating only, for example, the energy of the sun? Naturally, man needs food, without it the body would have long ceased to function. In this article we will take a closer look at why a person needs to eat.

    The need for food for physical processes

    What we eat is a whole set of vitamins, trace elements or other nutrients. If you choose - hunger or french fries - then that fries that are cooked in deep fat will be better for your body. And all because the body needs food. The human body is like a machine: if it is not refueled, it will not work, and if it is not refueled for a long time, it will die.

    Foolish diets that suggest eating only proteins, avoiding fat and carbohydrates, or vice versa. Due to the deep interrelationship of nutrients that enter our body, any failure in the form of a lack of something can lead the body to degenerative consequences, in severe cases - to irreparable.

    Our bodies need enough protein, fat and carbohydrates.


    Animal protein helps the cells of the body to regenerate correctly and quickly. Your wound will heal faster, your organs will be healthier, and your skin will be fresh if you regularly supply protein to your body. When choosing products, do not forget that every second something in the human body undergoes a process of regeneration.


    In no case can not refuse fat in foods. Fats, falling into the body, break down into glycerol and fatty acids. We are talking about the most replaceable and essential fatty acids that help the hair to shine, the skin to remain young and look good. In addition, remember that some vitamins, such as A, D, E, K, are absorbed qualitatively only with the help of fat. Reducing fat intake can affect memory deterioration, intestinal problems, impair reproductive function, and also lead to skin lesions.


    Carbohydrates - exactly what gives us energy. Without consuming carbohydrates, we would lay like amoebas on the couch and did not want to live and create.In addition to energy, carbohydrates also charge a person with mood, desire to do something. Carbohydrates affect a large number of our body functions: protective, structural, plastic, energy, storage, receptor, antitoxic, etc.

    The role of vitamins and microelements, as you understand, is also very important. You can not give preference to one type of products and sit on mono diets. The pledge of a healthy body that functions smoothly is a varied diet. Make sure that your table contains fish and meat, vegetables and fruits, cereals and legumes.

    Food and the human psyche

    Modern nutritional philosophy suggests that food affects health. This is true, but the processes taking place are in no way connected with the chakras and so on. In this case, the influence of food on the state of the human psyche is due to chemical processes in the body. For example, if a man’s body lacks magnesium, it will be incredibly nervous. So with the female body: the absence of magnesium or folic acid will make a woman aggressive or depressive.

    Vitamins of group B, which you can meet, for example, in oatmeal, perfectly affect your overall well-being.If you do not have a lack of these vitamins, your nervous system is strong, stress is not terrible, and your sleep is strong.

    Vitamin C is much more useful than they think about it. He is clearly underestimated when they say that they allegedly can cure a cold. This, of course, nonsense. But then, iron will be absorbed better if there is enough vitamin C in your body, and on the part of the psyche it helps to produce anti-stress hormones and improves physical and mental performance.

    Food and Hormones

    In order for a woman to feel good and not be stressed due to hormone problems, she should get enough of the following substances and vitamins:

    • vitamin E;
    • vitamin C;
    • vitamin D;
    • vitamin A;
    • folic acid;
    • iodine;
    • magnesium;
    • fatty acid;
    • copper;
    • iron;
    • lecithin;
    • calcium.

    The insufficiency of these substances badly affects the female reproductive system and causes problems with the hormonal background.

    Why not starve?

    It probably became clear to you that it is thanks to food that we continue our life. Lack of food in the body, perhaps at first will not seriously affect health. Some people believe that the energy of the sun gives life and food is not needed.Someone hunger treats rak.Odnako in no case can not starve for a long time.

    If you plan to starve in the name of diet - good luck. From the moment you start eating again, you gain even more weight than you did before the diet.

    Never starve in the name of health, unless a doctor has appointed you, who has received many years of education and knows what to do.

    What happens to a person who does not eat?

    • The body, not receiving externally nutrients, begins to use them from its own reserves. It is not only about extra centimeters. For example, if you do not get calcium, your teeth crumble, your bones become brittle.
    • Reduced blood sugar levels. Maybe for some it may seem like a plus of starvation, but alas, no. If you have elevated sugar, the doctor will prescribe an individual treatment for you, since the approach to each problem should be different. You still need energy and building material, that is protein, to live.
    • The absence of glucose in the body not only adversely affects the brain, but also on all processes of the body. The body begins to convert protein found in the body into glucose. All muscle groups suffer from this.
    • The body, which does not receive nutrients from food, including fats, begins to emit "aroma", similar to the smell of nail polish. This is due to the fact that the body processes its own fats into ketone bodies, which help along with glucose from proteins to stay alive for some time. At this stage, wait for problems - the body's immunity weakens, the skin loses its protective functions. Any cough on the street can cause a serious illness with complications or even death.

    It is the food that we eat, even if it is your favorite pizza with salami, that will benefit your body.

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