• Why do we love?

    Throughout the history of mankind, pundits are trying to unravel the mystery of love - feelings that can flare up suddenly, plunging a person into a whirlwind of passions and emotions. Or it occurs between people after a certain period of communication. Why do we love? It is not easy to answer this question, because each person has his own concept of love, his own views on life and his own understanding of the processes that occur in his body. However, most experts agree that love exists. Moreover, there are certain components of love, as feelings arising between a man and a woman.

    Chemistry and physics of love

    Scientists have found that in the human brain, during the appearance of common symptoms of love (we’ll talk about them a little later), a certain chemical compound is produced - phenylethylamine. This substance was called the "molecule of love." It is thanks to phenylethylamine produced by the brain that a person's breathing becomes heavier when meeting a person whom he considers to be his beloved. Also, there are certain emotions and rapid pulse.

    It is believed that chocolate is a "love" product. But this is true, from a chemical point of view! This product contains a large amount of phenylethylamine, which leads to the fact that after drinking lovers of chocolate, they are even more captured by emotions. In fact, an ordinary chocolate, caught by a young man with him on a date, becomes a powerful aphrodisiac.

    To find out why we love, it is necessary to consider not only the chemical part of love, but also the physical part. Naturally, if not a platonic relationship is established between a man and a woman, then love as a feeling cannot be imagined without physical intimacy. It is at these moments that the lovers pour out all their feelings, which love gives them. Emotions are the most important component of love, and it is they who, with physical intimacy, develop into passion.

    Even if you do not consider bed relations, then the physical component of love appears when you touch your hands, when you kiss, and when you have a penetrating look that can say without words about a person's feelings. Thus, a person loves not only because the production of a chemical substance is activated in his body, but also because he can see, touch the person he loves.

    Love or love

    Some people often confuse true love with falling in love - a fleeting feeling that causes almost the same emotions as love. However, between these feelings there is a big difference, which lies in the fact that falling in love can pass in a month, or even earlier. For some people, the period of being in love lasts longer - it all depends on the individuality of the human body, on its psychological state.

    Being in love cannot be compared with love also because such manifestations as self-sacrifice are uncharacteristic for this feeling. According to some psychologists, love is the first stage of love, which inspires a person, makes his actions sometimes unwise, because we love the heart, not the mind.

    Main components of love

    You may never have thought about why we love. But you can always determine whether you love a person or simply use it for personal purposes. For this you need to know the basic components of love. So, the main components of love: care, responsibility, respect, the ability for the sake of a loved one to sacrifice everything that we have at a certain point in time.Another component of love is the ability to let go of a loved one, if he does not want to stay with you, but at the same time, by no means, wish him grief, misfortune, and other things.

    It is the last component of love that says that a person is ready for the sake of his beloved to sacrifice himself, he is ready to defend him in front of society, so that it does not cost him. Perhaps this is why some people find it difficult to maintain the feeling of love throughout their lives. Indeed, in our time, when the question of why we love cannot be answered by many people, love is very often viewed as gratitude for providing the material component of life. Many girls connect their hearts with men only because he can provide them a comfortable life. And it is very sad. Indeed, by doing so, we betray love - one of the most beautiful feelings that a person is capable of, which has been glorified for centuries in creativity.

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