• Why you can not overfeed a child

    The volume of the stomach of a young child is about two hundred and fifty milliliters. When you feed your child, you must make sure that he does not overeat. The fact is that excessive consumption of food contributes to stretching the walls of the stomach and increase its size. The consequences can be problems in the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, liver and pancreas. Digestion of food eaten will increase the load on these organs.
    The second consequence of overeating is the rapid weight gain of your child. Remember that children gain weight gain very quickly, and getting rid of it is problematic. And the danger is not even that the fullness will affect the appearance of your baby. Obesity leads to various disruptions in the body, it puts a strain on the internal organs of a person.
    Any food eaten must have time to digest, and useful and nutrients must be digested. When the body receives these substances more than necessary, it experiences an overload.The time spent on the digestion of food increases, and the energy required to maintain the immune system, as well as the growth and development of the infant is spent for other purposes. That is why overfed children are more often subject to various colds and other diseases.
    In addition, doctors say that overfeeding small children contributes to metabolic disorders, and such a problem will harm the health of your offspring.
    To avoid overfeeding, you should not force the child to eat when he does not want it. Watch the size of servings, refuse to add sugar, a large amount of oil, carbohydrate-containing products and flour to baby food. The food you give to your baby should in no case be fried, fatty, sweet or too salty (salt retains water in the body, and this gives an additional load to the kidneys). Provide your baby with proper nutrition. These can be fresh fruits and vegetables, steamed products, cereals, boiled meat, fish. The sizes of portions depend on the age of your child.
    If you are in doubt about whether your child is eating the right food, or if it is overeating, you can consult your pediatrician for advice.He will inspect the baby and give you the necessary advice and recommendations.

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