• Why don't you need an expensive fitness club?

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    Julia Inamora

    Julia Inamora,

    I had a chance to work out in almost all the fitness clubs in my city, so familiar fitness beginners, when they are faced with the choice of a place to practice, ask me which club is better. And one of the first I hear the question: is it better to choose a more expensive club or, on the contrary, is it cheaper?

    Many people mistakenly believe that in order to be on a par with slender beauties and beauties from glossy magazines need a lot of money. In fact, it is not. Of course, you can put a hundred thousand rubles for an annual card, but I'm more than sure that you don't need it. Why? Let's remember what advantages managers of expensive clubs describe in order to sell us a card.

    A variety of types of activity

    The stronger the fitness club is “stuffed” with numerous halls, programs, swimming pools and other joys, the more expensive the subscription costs. But you still will not use all the services of the club, even with a great desire.Well, work out in the gym, go to yoga, swim in the pool. For something more, you just do not have enough. Yes, and to the detriment of the load will go in such a volume. And if you do not go to the pool at all, then why should you overpay for it? Choose a club not for a variety of services, but for your personal expectations from it. A more modest club will cost much less.

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    In an expensive club, everything is always in order.

    This does not happen. Simulators break down in expensive and cheap fitness clubs because people regularly attend them. And repairing treadmills and others like them too everywhere the same. I remember how a hack-squat simulator did not work in a fairly expensive club for a whole month. For some reason it was considered not so important and they did not rush to repair it. But in another, very budgetary, they repaired everything once or twice, without generating customer dissatisfaction.

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    The more expensive the club, the less involved in it

    In fact, this is not a fact. Yes, in the less expensive it is usually crowded, but this does not mean that the expensive club will be empty. Many specially buy expensive season tickets in the hope of going to a half-empty club, and in the end it turns out that such "clever" got a lot. Here they were offended, probably ...

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    Dear subscription motivates to go to classes

    A couple of times I heard from girlfriends that they sometimes attend classes only because they feel sorry for the money spent on the subscription. But despite the periodic awakening of conscience, these girls go to classes too rarely for them to give a result. So buying a subscription is not such a good motivator. If you do not want to work on yourself, an expensive card will not help.

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    In expensive fitness clubs better service

    Yes, in the budget club you will not be given a towel, there are no massage therapists and a fitness cafe, but do you need all this? You can bring a towel with you, you still need to pay for the services of a massage therapist separately, and you can eat at home. In a fitness club you go first to practice. Everything else is secondary.

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    The more expensive the club, the more qualified the trainers

    It would seem that everything is logical. But actually it is not. In many clubs, personal coaches do not work for a monthly salary, but, on the contrary, pay the club a certain amount per month, and the club allows them to work in the gym and set their own personal training prices.Of course, the more expensive the club, the higher the monthly fee, so under certain circumstances working in a less expensive club may be more profitable. Especially in a crisis. So do not think that in a simple fitness club you will not find a good instructor. Find a must.

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    I hope I managed to convince you that there is no urgent need to purchase a subscription for crazy thousands of rubles. The only reason to prefer the more expensive club is its convenient location, since the proximity of the fitness club to home or work is one of the main factors when choosing. If near the house you have found a small and inexpensive club, feel free to buy a subscription and start classes. Especially the summer is already close.

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